Yung Grandpa

Orange Drink

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  1. Yung Grandpa -:-- / 1:52

It’s ya boy Yung Grandpa coming back up again

From the basement making music, tell a friend

Go into the future; travel in a lear jet

Sample a track that hasn’t even been released yet

Got that low bass tone drone note zoned out

Pay myself money for my beat cuz it’s loaned out

Grab the microphone and you know I’m bringing the heater

I’m playing my guitar and then I’m hitting the repeater

It’s that OD style where there is none

Can another band anywhere remotely sound like this one?

So chilled out my water bottle’s all ice

Senior citizens agree ya boy is mad nice

Cuz I’m like that; relax with a straight edge night cap

Greet the grandkids after school with a snack pack

I do a little shuffle and I’m shaking off the haters

Remember the name cuz you’ll be screaming it later:

This is Orange Drink.


Instruments: Samples from “Help Me; Leave Me Alone”, Mixtrack Pro 3