Life Coaching

Hi there!  You’re probably asking yourself: What the heck is a “life coach” and why would I need one?  WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW I’M GOING TO EXPLAIN THAT RIGHT NOW

Think of Life Coaching as a halfway point between a professional therapist and a good friend.  If you are ready to take action that’s bigger than venting to a pal, but not yet ready to take the plunge into intensive therapy, working with me could be what you’ve been looking for.  Sometimes it takes a long time for a person to realize they need help.  After they do, it can be overwhelming to figure out what type of help they need.  Counseling?  Self-Help books?  Group therapy? A major lifestyle change?  I can help you with that.  Maybe you do need greater help than I can provide, but in that case, I am someone that you can work with immediately and help you transition towards working with a therapist.  Once you do, you can hit the ground running.

In the summer of 2019, I led a workshop entitled “Creating A Life That Reflects Your Values” as a part of the Ladies Rock Milwaukee camp.  In the context of the camp, the workshop conceptually began as a way for people to make more space for music/art in their lives.  But it immediately became apparent that this model was applicable to anything people wanted to change, but were overwhelmed by.  In the lecture, I described simple steps to identify core values, scope out a realistic model for change, and then break down the goal into tiny, manageable habits.    I offered my assistance to any camp attendees who expressed interest in making changes in their lives.  I started working with a few clients and my de facto Life & Art Coaching work began!  Some clients are working on personal issues, some are working on career issues, and some are working on overall life, work, mind, body, and spirit balance.  The work I do is individually catered to your needs and personality!  Here are some client testimonials that I swear I did not write:

“I sought out Drew’s help because I couldn’t complete projects. So we started out small: draw a picture, write a sentence. Two months in, and not only did I complete a short story (with pictures!), but I am also gaining confidence in myself as an artist. Drew’s coaching is transformative to say the least.”

“Why Drew is Awesome: A Testimonial: Drew is a great person to have in your corner. He is a great listener and communicator. He asks the perfect questions to guide you towards a better understanding of yourself. He is very passionate about helping others and is understanding and empathetic towards your goals and emotions. I feel very fortunate, knowing he will be there when I am in need of support or advice. Thank you Drew!”

“I have been to a number of therapists over the years, for anxiety and depression, and unfortunately we didn’t connect. My experience with Drew has been totally different. The feedback Drew has offered makes me aware that he not only listens , but hears me without any judgment. I completely recommend Drew as someone who can help guide you through what you are dealing with.”

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