Whether recording or performing live, Orange Drink plays music to find catharsis. Jumping from electronic rock to indie folk to videogame dance, the sounds and genres stay in flux, with the focus on delivering artful and entertaining ways to confront the anxieties of life as an outsider seeking community.

As a one-man band where the only member, Drew Prusko, is a queer, intergenerationally married, straight-edge, 1st generation American of Sri Lankan descent recovering from a life-long struggle with depression, Orange Drink knows the feeling of filling in the “other” bubble. Finding music and art that speaks to his experience hasn’t been easy, so in response, he’s spent over 15 years building a DIY universe of albums, zines, puppet shows, paintings, and videos that do, all of which he brings to life on stage with an energetic, humorous, and motivational variety show.

Based in Franklin, WI near Milwaukee, Orange Drink can be found streaming live shows and DJ sets, posting new tracks on WeeklyBeats, and recording for a new album for Hemlock Records. In addition to playing concerts in cities across the country, Drew also volunteers with Ladies Rock Milwaukee, an organization focused on using music for the empowerment and liberation of all.

While constantly working to improve his mental health and self-acceptance, Drew pays it forward by coaching others to live a life that reflects their values. Both artistically and personally, Orange Drink challenges us to think differently and use art to look within ourselves as a means of finding our truth.