Clap Back

Orange Drink

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  1. Clap Back -:-- / 2:13

Yung Grandpa back again in another fit of rage

Somebody let the closeted tiger out the cage

Some of us came out and fought while other people stayed

But they fought a silent battle all the same

Why you laughing buddy?  Nobody said anything funny.

You think I’m not a real man and somehow you can take it from me?

Tell me who’s the king that you replaced

Come over here and say that to my face

I wish that I could blame the kids but everybody knows it’s grown folks

Kids hear what they say when they make little gay jokes

You thought they’d ignore it but they didn’t

And that’s exactly the behavior that they mimic

Until somebody get’s hurt, they say it’s only fun and games

It’s a heteronormative sport I never want to play

When I try to speak up, they only say that I complain

Think before you speak is all I’m saying


Instruments: OP-1